Once more unto the breach

When I sold up and left my former company several years ago I thought that was the end of my 10-year involvement with abstract management.

I was wrong.

I’d set up Oxford Abstracts to pioneer low-cost abstract submission. Now, I wanted to do the same for conference apps, hence Atanto.

My mistake was in seeing apps and abstract management in isolation. They’re the two ends of what is, basically, a publishing process. And publishing is something I’ve been involved in all my adult life.

Abstracts are submitted, collated, reviewed and accepted… and then what? They must be published to the conference delegates either in print or, nowadays, as an app.

My app clients have started asking for a complete package and I can’t see any abstract systems out there that fit the bill. They’re too expensive, or too restrictive, or badly supported. They mostly use old technology. And they’re all as ugly as sin!

Good design is more than just prettiness, it’s central to productivity. I like products where the user knows almost instinctively what to do, where things are obvious and straightforward and there are no traps and dead ends. Atanto’s app has a reputation for being attractive and easy to use and I don’t see why an abstract system shouldn’t be pleasing to the eye either.

The technology is important too. Our new abstract system is mobile friendly, fast, robust and very secure. It’s also extremely flexible because it uses the most modern data storage technology. The Cloud at its best.

So, here we go again.