Introductory offer

Would you like an outstanding conference app?
Would you like an attractive, easy-to-use abstract management system?
Would you like both?

Atanto now provides abstract management free with every app. And we have a special offer for customers who are thinking of joining us soon: buy an app now and we’ll give you a discount both this year and next year.

Here’s our special offer, just for you:

  • If you sign with us as a new customer we’ll give you a 10% introductory discount, whether that’s for the app on its own or the app plus the abstract management system (it’s the same price). And we’ll also give you 10% off next year. That’s only £895 (US$1,620).
  • And if you pay in advance for next year we’ll give you 15% off the total.

Q: What if I don’t need abstract management right now (or at all)?
A: Well, it comes free with the app anyway, but if you really don’t need it just take the app – and the discount. Get a great app for even less for the next two years – or a discounted app for 2017 and a complete system for 2018.

Q: Why is Atanto’s abstract system better than the one I’m currently using?
A: We have a modern system using Cloud software, which means it’s robust and powerful and able to cope with peak demand. Its beautiful design comes from decades of experience. And it also has a really great app!

We can guarantee that moving to Atanto will be completely straightforward. What’s more, we can import your data from current or previous conferences so there will be full continuity.

Still not sure? Check out our demonstration video.

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