At last, an affordable conference app

Mobile conference apps combine the abstract book with the facilities of a phone or tablet. That makes business sense – apps are far more convenient than a book, CD or a USB stick and they can be kept up to date throughout the conference cycle.

But they can cost a lot more than the alternatives, thousands more, which is why it’s usually only larger conferences that can afford them. We think that’s a shame.

The Home screen has large clear buttons set on a background image of the conference venue

So we came up with a great mobile app that we call Confer.

Confer does everything expensive apps do but at a fraction of the cost. And we put all our years of experience of the conference industry into designing it. Delegates will immediately understand how it works – a simple but eye-catching design, clear buttons, functions just where you want them to be.

The pricing is equally straightforward too: just US$1,800 per conference (that’s £995), with no hidden extras.

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