And they’re off!

The first conferences to use our new abstract submission system are up and running, and the system is proving to be every bit as good as we had intended.

The submission forms are attractive and easy to understand, providing a smooth and reassuring experience for authors.

For the British Nuclear Medicine Society, for example, we’ve implemented a “smart” form that guides the author along. If they say that they have a conflict of interest then a new mandatory question appears asking for details, and until it’s completed the abstract can’t be submitted.

Or if they want to choose a subject category that’s not in the list of options then – and only then – there’s a box to enter the new category. Most authors won’t need to fill in this field so they won’t ever get to see it.

We’ve also solved the awkward problem of consistency in author affiliations. Once an affiliation has been entered it’s available to select from a drop-down – no re-typing, no mis-spelling. Authors and affiliations are correctly linked, automatically.