The best just got… cheaper!

Mobile conference apps combine the abstract book with the facilities of a phone or tablet. That makes business sense – apps are far more convenient than a book, CD or a USB stick and they can be kept up to date throughout the conference cycle.

But they can cost a lot more than print, which is why it’s usually only larger conferences that can afford them. We think that’s a shame.

Well, not any more!

Our great mobile app, Confer, is already the cheapest full-featured conference app you can buy, but even at under £1,000 it’s beyond the budget of a lot of conferences. So we’ve taken all of its best features and combined them into a superb package for less than £500.

And we’re throwing in a couple of great goodies too. Once you’ve added the programme to the app using our easy-to-use back-office software, you automatically get an online version for display screens, laptops and so on, plus a single-click download in Word format, ready for final editing and printing.

What’s not to like?